Maui condo buyer's guide

Through the years we’ve helped quite a few clients realize their dream of owning a condo on Maui in area like Wailea and Kihei. After helping so may people to wade through the multitude of condo options and guiding them through the purchase process, we’ve honed in on the essential 6 things that every Maui condo buyer should know before they complete a purchase.

How to get my Maui condo buyer’s guide

If you are serious about buying a condo in Maui, my guide is an essential primer as it highlights the most important details you should consider for your purchase and covers the timeframes when you will have all the facts available to make a smart buying decision.

Maui real estate is built on personal relationships and mutual trust which is why I don’t publish this guide on the internet for everyone to read. Instead, I offer all my resources and knowledge to buyers who are ready to work with me toward their goal of buying a Kihei condo. If that’s you, let’s talk! You can start the conversation by creating your own free Property Organizer account (make sure to include your actual phone number) and I’ll personally get in touch to offer my advice and share the free condo guide.

I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, below are freshly updated lists of recent MLS listings for Maui condos for sale in different areas.

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