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What makes South Maui special?

South Maui is home to some of the most enchanting beaches in the world: Makena Beach, Keawakapu Beach, Maluaka Beach and Wailea Beach. Beyond beaches, South Maui residents and visitors love the consistent weather - sunny and warm, rarely rainy and not too windy. 

Areas in the South Maui Region

Kihei is the primary area of South Maui and the main town for the region. South of Kihei are the other areas including Maui Meadows, Wailea and Makena.

South Maui population and land area

The population of South Maui is about 26,892 people which is about 19% of the total population of Maui. The South Maui region has a land area of about 43.65 square miles which is roughly 6% of the total size of Maui. Because of the high difference between population and land area, South Maui as a general region has the second highest population density of about 616 people per square mile.

Real estate prices in South Maui

In 2022 the average home sale price in South Maui was $2,775,824 which is up 8% from the 2021 average of $2,569,191. The 2022 median sales price was $1,500,000. There were 191 homes sold in South Maui in 2022 and the average days on market was 92 days.

Updated South Maui home listings

Below is a quick list of the 12 recently updated homes for sale in South Maui. You can also see the complete list of South Maui homes for sale at any time and save your South Maui home search to your Property Organizer account.

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