Photo of Michael Scott,

Michael Scott REALTOR® Salesperson

  • Second generation REALTOR®
  • e-PRO Certified
  • Licensed Real Estate Salesperson since 1999
  • 22 Years experience in Real Estate Marketing

Why is Michael passionate about his profession?

Michael is proud to call himself a second generation REALTOR® but he's also quick to point out that he chose his profession for reasons beyond working in the family business. Michael's mission is to work with clients who share his vision of what a home truly is...

"For me, home is the haven for creativity. It is the sovereign sanctuary where we can pursue arts that enrich our life. Home is where we cook, craft, write, paint and cultivate our dreams. I'm passionate about my work because I savor the experience of connecting people with the home that will inspire their creativity."

What it's like to work with Michael

Respect and courtesy are guiding principles of Michael's conduct, sometimes this makes him seem too formal but it's earnestly rooted in his desire to treat the world honorably. In his practice of real estate, Michael is known to be thorough and analytical in his work, clear in his communication and deliberate in his action. His clients often say they appreciate his care and attentiveness.

A bit of background

Michael was born in Oahu and raised in Maui. His formative education was at Haleakala Waldorf School where he relished the curriculum and it's value of creativity and exploration. He has been immersed in real estate from age 10 when his father opened their family brokerage in the charming upcountry town of Makawao back in 1988. Growing up in the family practice gave Michael an early jump-start in acquiring the skill-sets he would use in his professional life. Michael went to Seabury Hall for highschool, which is where he first met his future wife. After graduating from Seabury, Michael went to study and work in Seattle before returning to Maui to work in the family real estate brokerage.

Activities that bring Michael joy

  • Studying Japanese language and culture
  • Obon Dance festivals
  • Reading (and re-reading) Terry Prachett's fantastic novels
  • Folding Origami
  • Watching Star Trek
  • Listening to Radiolab from WNYC


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